Duathlon Racing

What are the chances/opportunity of having duathlon races on zwift now we have both the bike and running features 

I really would like to have duathlon races on zwift. They would add a new level to my winter triathlon training…

I think this would be a nice added feature for those of use that like to mix things up a bit.

Would really love that! Sprint and olympic duathlon could be very fun formats. Having the avatar transitioning automatically from one sport to another and just waiting for the other type of sensor input (running sensor <-> bike power sensor) to send values to have the avatar moving again would be very cool. As a suggestion, the transition could be indicated by an arch like when doing interval training. Displayed distance could be the remaining distance for the current sport.

Awesome idea, but don’t stop with Olympic.  Why not longer, like 15/100/15 or 20/150/20?  This may be something Zwift would want “ride leaders” and “run leaders” to organize on their own, like the “events” listed now, once some infrastructure was in place.  There could even be a duathlon-organizing FB group!  With a mandatory frozen 3 minute transition for each participant so no one breaks their equipment while in a mad rush to changeover, this would be a wonderful addition, especially during those months when there isn’t a good local race, or throughout the winter off-season.  Duathlon racers could be the only ones on a given course during their event, so we’d all know our time gaps.  Age-group categories could also be listed on the “nearby racers” chart, maybe with a toggle so participants could look only at their own age-group rivals if they wanted.  This would be so great! 

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