Duathlon race

create duathlon training or race where people run a route first, then a bike route, and finish it off with a run route. triathletes etc. most likely have a treadmill and bike set up on zwift and it is a great workout to do from either a sprint or longer distance.

“Most likely”? I don’t know which well-funded world you live in, but I suspect it’s still a relatively small number. :smiley: I certainly can’t afford both - or find the space to put a treadmill!

It’d be interesting to know, however, what proportion of Zwift users run or ride exclusively, and how many do a bit of both.

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I do, but I would guess I am in the minority. It has taken me years to get my pain cave setup.


I do both. Neo and Treadmill are side by side. I think it’s a great Idea!!


Same - have both and do both regularly.


That’s a great idea! I have both as well and am looking for motivation to get on the treadmill. Duathlon training may just be the ticket! LOL

I have neo and technogym myrun
Make a biathlon event

I definately don’t have both a bike trainer and treadmill at home. The bike trainer was expensive enough. However, I do have access to a nearby gym that has Stages indoor bikes with power meters. I’ve Zwifted there in the past, so I could make a duathlon work. That would be fun.

A great idea for me. Training plans for Duatlon / Triathlon would also be useful.

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bumping this back up, would really like to see some duathlon type race events, probably 5k/20k/5k or even shorter to keep things around 1 hour. not sure how transition would work, do you have to exit the program or is there a way to switch from running to biking and save your first event without exiting…not sure this is possible?

I’m organizing the first Duathlon races this weekend, 8th and 9th of February 2020.
3 km run, 37 km bike, 5 km run.

Facebook group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ZwiftDuathlon/

Website link: www.zwift.si


The website is down

Not anymore and we extended the racing formats to Triathlon also, see www.zwift.si/z-games