Duathlon race

(Michael Meinig) #1

create duathlon training or race where people run a route first, then a bike route, and finish it off with a run route. triathletes etc. most likely have a treadmill and bike set up on zwift and it is a great workout to do from either a sprint or longer distance.

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #2

“Most likely”? I don’t know which well-funded world you live in, but I suspect it’s still a relatively small number. :smiley: I certainly can’t afford both - or find the space to put a treadmill!

It’d be interesting to know, however, what proportion of Zwift users run or ride exclusively, and how many do a bit of both.

(Paul Allen) #3

I do, but I would guess I am in the minority. It has taken me years to get my pain cave setup.

(Steve Copeland) #4

I do both. Neo and Treadmill are side by side. I think it’s a great Idea!!

(I Tri For Tacos) #5

Same - have both and do both regularly.