Why no multisport interest from zwift hq?

seems silly that zwift caters to cyclists and runners, soon rowers, and has a triathlon section on the forums, but makes no effort to actually hold a multisport type event. Zwift duathlon facebook group has a thousand members, and has been putting on races for the last 8 months. unfortunately the interest in those races has dwindled because it is so complicated to set up and sign up for 3 different events and actually pair all your BT and ANT gadgets all in time. it is up to zwift programmers to create a seemless multisport event where you move easily from one sport to another. the community has tried to do, and many thanks to Ales susnik, but really it should be zwift’s responsibility to streamline this.

next week superleague triathlon is holding a Pro invite race that will have a swim in a pool, then zwift bike race and zwift running race. i really hope it goes well, but should be great to watch, but the logistics of mulitple zwift races sounds like a nightmare. just read the CEO’s statement at superleaguetriathlon dot com. they have been working “relentlessly” with zwift, but it is still not possible to have a multisport race in a continuous sense.

i dont know the best solution, but why can’t it work like this> sign up for a single event, no categories, just call it zwift duathlon, 5k run, 20k bike, 5k run. everyone starts at same time on a 5k run. as soon as you hit the 5k finish line your run is saved and you are transferred to the pairing screen. you take a few minutes to pair your bike gear and then start a predetermined 20k bike route. faster runners are already biking ahead of you, slower runners will join a few minutes later. everyone does the same 20k bike just at slightly different starting times. no one else is visible but racers. drafting, no drafting, either way is fine. as soon as you hit 20k finish line your activity is recorded and you go back to pairing screen. pair your treadmill or pod and start another 5k predetermied course. at the finish line, 3rd event is recorded and saved. final event time is either sum of 3 events (excludes transitions) or total time since start (includes transitions) From a programming standpoint is this possible? if that works you can have triathlon with rowing, cycling, running or any combo of the sports on zwift.


I wonder how many people have both treadmills and smart trainers.

i dont have numbers, but i doubt lack of access is the issue. you can actually run on zwift without a treadmill. you could just run outside with a footpod connected to the phone app.

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You do know you can go to the pairing menu and change sport type?

I know this works on both iOS and Windows 10, I regularly do brick sessions.

When you change sport, the previous activity is saved before starting the next.

The only “buggy” bit, is that any screenshots you do from the first activity are uploaded against the second activity (or last activity if doing more than two).

Hope this helps :smiley:

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hi Rob, i am aware of this, and use it when i’m doing a brick type workout. The problem i’m talking about is with the official races, the events on the zwift calendar that repeat on saturdays and sundays. basically zwift dictates that each leg of the race (run1, bike, run2) exist as separate events with a set start time. this makes no sense in reality as everyone is going to be finishing each leg in slightly different times , and then starting the next event at a different time. it simply doesn’t work. the event manager has come up with a complicated work around with multiple start times for each leg, and people have to predict their times and choose each start time accordingly. some people may misjudge the time they would bike the 44k and then “miss” the start time of the final run. i’m saying it should be a single sign up event that flows from one sport to another once you hit the predetermined distance. right now the organizer has to sift through everyone’s result times for 3 different legs and add them up to find out who won, this would save everyone a lot of headache.

Yes get that. Proper multi-sport events would be great. Just mentioned changing sport as I don’t think it is general knowledge.

you’re right, i don’t think many understand how easy it actually is. if you have everything set up, you can swap bike to run in about 1-2 minutes. of course that is if your ANT and BT connect as they should, that’s not always the case! (at least it’s easy on my PC, not sure about iOS or apple tv…)

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I am on pc too, and to be fair works flawlessly. I try to use Ant+ when I can, but have to use a bluetooth connection for the treadmill.

Takes longer to put the running shoes on that switch sports in Zwift :slight_smile: