Drops = more ride

Just thinking… what if you could exchange your drops for aditional ride time…example: starting from 1.jan 2022, when you collect 1000.000 drops you could buy a coupon for 10days of riding in the drop shop
…just an idea :slight_smile:


Free Zwift:

9 November

9 Desember

29,105,109 - 27,939,801 = 1,165,308 drops per month / 1,000,00 * 10. That is 11.65 free days.

Fixed the Math :slight_smile:

Maybe 1 million drops should get you 1 day. Otherwise no one would pay for Zwift.

On a more serious note.

With people able to manipulate the system, they could cheat to get free drops and thus free Zwift.

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My guess is that the OP is not in the USA, and also forgot one ‘.’, and actually meant 1,000,000 (which would be 1.000.000,0 in some other countries).

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That will make it a bit more challenging. :slight_smile:

Lets edit the math. :slight_smile:

Well, i manage to collect only half a milion in one month :blush: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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