Drops Counter

The new drops counter on the main screen is a visually very loud and distracting UI element. To me it represents nothing but meaningless visual clutter. It doesn’t add anything to a cycling experience. We don’t need constant updates on what can be “purchased in a store”. To me it dramatically degrades the Zwift experience. Please remove the drops counter or add an option that allows users to turn it off. Thanks in advance.

i disagree. it improves my zwift experience because i can easily keep track of where i’m at in drops and how far away i am from being able to pick up the new wheelset i want.

thank you for this, zwift!


I like it. Really seems to rack up the points as you ride.
It’s a small feature. I’d rather have be able to take off the leaderboard function - that’s more distracting.

I don’t mind it. It isn’t any more obtrusive than the mileage or elevation counters or the segment position or nearby riders windows. I would like to see a feature that allows customizing the HUD. But the reality is, for me, I mostly ignore all the metrics on the HUD.

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I would suggest to give a user several options to choose between:
Option 1 - number of calories burned (same as in the Zwift running)
Option 2 - Drops
Option 3 - The actual mood of EPIC KOM goat represented by different colors

It would be nice to have a stripping girl or guy for achievements. This way I could win her clothing by sweating for it. Also, as an option.