Please provide Option to turn off Drops Counter

The new drops counter on the main screen is a visually very loud and distracting UI element. To me it represents nothing but meaningless visual clutter. It doesn’t add anything to a cycling experience. We don’t need constant updates on what can be “purchased in a store”. To me it dramatically degrades the Zwift experience. Please remove the drops counter or add an option that allows users to turn it off. Thanks!

For me, it would be enough if the drops were updated for every 1000. I agree that it is annoying and distracting to have it constantly updated.


Totally agree. Adds nothing but is super distracting. You guys better give a way to turn it off or I’ll switch platforms.


I agree - a constantly changing element on an already cluttered HUD does not make things more user friendly. And while climbing, the icon is even animated at the same time :nauseated_face:

Something needs to be done about that HUD soon before I start riding with the screen turned off to avoid getting dizzy…


Totally agree - just finished adding a topic to the same effect.

Are you saying there is no way to turn it off at the moment? Oh my god, it needs to be removed from my screen asap, i am really findind it annoying and clutter.

I don’t care how many drops I accrue every second. Maybe just let me know how many I’ve earned after the ride is over, or keep the live ticker going in the garage?

The live counter is nothing more than an annoyance. Please let me remove this from the HUD.

Come on, it’s tiny and hardly noticeable. However the drafting gap warning - for goodness sake, replace it with something less glaring!


On the first day I had the same thought, but after some time I don’t notice it anymore. It would be nice if it did not update the last two digits all the time.

It would be great to have an option that will allow to choose between the drops and calories.


I’ve always wanted to see some customization options on the main Zwift screen.

1 . Depending on what time of workout I would like to see item of choice. If I want to focus on HR or POWER, have that number semi-transparent in large font on the screen.

  1. Being able turn off parts of display - such as Rider’s nearby

  2. Ability to expand the elevation profile map to get greater view

  3. Finding the addition of Drop counter to main screen very distracting, wish it wasn’t on there, because as I ride I want to focus on the other info. Over lay this on the Level bar, or just show it at end of ride.





Time, distance, elevation, power, cadence and heat rate are all constantly updating and changing. The drops counter is small and unobtrusive. I don’t even notice it.


MinimalUI hack


It seems like this could be part of a larger feature to allow users to customize the Heads Up Display, which would be cool. Personally, I’ve managed to just ignore the Drops counter as it doesn’t give me any value.