Calm the display

The main ride display screen is getting a bit frenetic. More and more stuff flashing on and off. To me, flashing means: PAY ATTENTION TO ME NOW!! None of the flashing stuff needs that urgency

Could we calm down the screen a bit?

The new Drops counter rolling single digits is probably unnecessary, but I can understand how some people would like to watch it. I’ll probably get used to that. An option to hide it would be nice. However the elevation multiplier does not need to be flashing. Just turn it on and leave on. When we stop going up hill, just revert to the standard Drop display.

For cyclists, please remove runners from the Riders Nearby screen. We usually pass them so quickly it’s useless to have them in the display and it just makes it more difficult to see information we might be interested in on nearby riders.

And, I know this is covered in at least one other thread, but please get rid of/replace/reduce the “Close the Gap” display.