Drops counter stalling and frozen pedestrians [Jan 2023] [1.33]

also not getting drops since the 1.33 update

newest Mac version, kickr wahoo connected by bluetooth

58 million-ish drops. Only getting more drops when putting out significant WKG (ATV and iPad).

I wonder how much time will be wasted by Zwift developers fixing a feature that nobody really asked for or wanted in the first place, at the expense of actual features people are asking for.

Any news or an update?


Same for me. Counter mostly stalled on my activities on 28 and 29 Jan.

I know it may sound absurd and/or never happen, but I would like to get the drops I missed out on since it stalled on Jan 25. I’ve ridden every day since, so it adds up and is getting annoying.

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As previously stated on numerous occasions you’ll get these back.

Zwift have a record of them.

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Oh great, thank you for letting me know. I had no idea, I didn’t read through every reply.

It seems that the drop counter is a big part of the game particularly for new riders and in 3 years I’ve never seen such a massive part of the game not working they need to fix this

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It’s going to get fixed.

And the drops not working is hardly up there in the list of things not working.

For example the recent issue of erg mode not working is far more important.
Bluetooth being broken in a previous update was far more important
The white loading screen issue was far more important.

Understood - it’s far from ideal but they are indeed working on it.

It may not be important to you, but that does no mean it is not important to others.

And this is impacting more people than erg mode not working

Not being a jerk, but how do you know that? AFAIK there have been no data released about any of this. Counting how many people are impacted by forum posts is not an accurate way to gather that kind of data. This bug, like the ERG bug, is not impacting everyone. And if it’s not universal, we have no way of knowing whether it’s impacting more or less or the same number of people.

There’s also the matter of severity of the impact. Even if more people are being affected, 1) those people are still able to workout the same way as usual without drops counting up, unlike ERG being broken, and 2) Zwift has said that affected people will get the drops they are earning right now, so at worst this is equivalent to the drop shop being closed for a while. Given that Zwift is a workout platform, people being able to workout properly is more fundamental than the drops, yes.

Come on everyone stop complaining about the little things zwift broke and haven’t fixed yet they are far too busy fixing the big things they broke - what is wrong with you people :wink:

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Drops are both a big part of the game AND are also not a big part of the game, it depends on the End User, their level and their preception of Zwift.
Biggest issue is not the Drops themselves, but what broke them, given what drives them.
I’ve seen elsewhere that James hopes a fix is a “couple of days away” if all goes well.

K V: They don’t have any testing before release. They adopted the MicroSoft way.

Chris: Ride on’s give droplets to. But that’s the only way i.e. Ride steep or get ride on’s

Know this for a fact do you.

You really think there isn’t any testing?

Many things are subjective, but I’m skeptical that there are people who’s primary motivation, the core reason they are on Zwift, is to get drops. Someone who says “I dunno, I’m not big on indoor cycling, but I was looking for a game with an avatar and a bike I could bling out, so I’ll take up indoor cycling on Zwift.”

The ability to workout is fundamental. The ability to get drops while doing it will vary in importance to different people, but I am highly skeptical that it is as important as the ability to workout. (Maybe to the people who are using bots to run up accounts and sell them, I suppose :slight_smile:)

Strawman argument - they didn’t say it was.