Drop shop is always empty

So, my Drop Shop is eternally empty… I’m level 17, with nearly 2m drops… yet I can’t select anything in the drop shop. It always tell me to check back, yet in my garage it says I have lots of new options to chose. Still riding the original frame etc. Any idea how to fix it?

Are you completely stopped when trying to change frames?


are you confusing the drop shop with the garage? you have to buy it first on the right hand side in the shop, then you can equip it on the left hand side

at level 17 you should go buy an allez sprint right away!!


I figured it out! The drop shop on the right was just not working; I couldn’t click on the frame or the wheel. So, I uninstalled the app, downloaded it again, and now the drop shop is open for business… time buy some fancy wheels and a new frame :slight_smile: