Drop Shop access

I am unable to access the drop shop at all. It is just grey. I can’t open the wheels or bikes in the garage either even to see what levels are locked. Other garage seems to work fine. I am at level 12 and have 600,000 drops. I am riding a Kickr Smart bike. Is that the issue. Is it a setting? I have tried messaging Zwift support several times in the least few weeks but hey do not get back to me as I think it may seem low priority but I am getting frustrated due to lack of understanding

Hi @Jack_London

Welcome to the Zwift Forum.

To access the dropshop your avetar must come to a complete standstill and 0 power.

You can also only swap bikes or wheels when standing still.


I will try this. That’s completely straightforward but counterintuitive ( to me) to how the rest of the program seems to run. Thank you!