Driving load (watts)

I have been using Zwift for a week. I have a question. When the slope changes on the track (to 8%, for example), I would expect it to start turning harder (of course I would have to shift into a lighter gear), but that doesn’t happen. I rotate constantly with the same cadence / power regardless of whether it is a plane, a slope of 8% or a descent of -8%. I ask for your opinion.
I have Direto XR.

Are you using ANT+ and have you selected the FE-C as controllable device when pairing?


Also check if in ERG mode (Constant Power mode) and if the slope slider under Settings (once in game) is not set all the way to the left (0 - zero).

Thanks Nicklas
Should be selected FE-C for power source, cadence and controllable ?

At least for the controllable. If you have an external power meter on the bike, you can choose if you want to take power/cadence from there or use the trainer. But it’s the “controllable” which is the important one when it comes to zwift controlling the resistance.