Drink reminder

Be able to put in settings a drink reminder every x minutes. The virtual rider could drink at that time to remind you to take a drink.

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Wow, 5 down votes with not comment.

I did suggest that a while ago myself as there surely is a formula one could employ to let the avatar have a drink after a certain mileage/watt/kg whatever and use this as a scientifically approved reminder to stop dehydrating.

Not sure whether I would need it but I am aware that lots of people dehydrate without knowing it.

Have my vote UP

I don’t understand the down votes (and thanks for not commenting why you feel that way). I see this as an option. If you want to use it then use it otherwise turn it off and it is the same as it was. Time based, like every 15 min or 10 min would be very simple. Nothing fancy. 


I am one of those down voters.  I don’t feel I need a program to tell me when I am thirsty.  I certainly don’t have that option out on a real road.  I know some will say “just turn it off” but my view is that Zwift has limited resources to work on new features and I would rather they use them on new routes then waste them on silly stuff like this.  Sorry, but that is how I feel.

I came here to make this very suggestion. It would be really helpful to see my avatar take a drink every 5 minutes just to remind me to keep at it. If there was a way to do this it would be awesome. :baby_bottle: :+1: :sweat_smile: