Drink Alert

Need a drink alert. I’m a T2 diabetic and need to stay hydrated so that I don’t have a low. When you’re doing hard efforts/racing, it can become easy to forget to sip. I need a drink reminder alert that I can set at regular intervals.

I don’t know what bike you are using (in Zwift), but any bike with a water bottle on the frame will then show the avatar drinking frequently. Would this suffice? If not, how about just using the countdown timer on your phone, or a kitchen timer, to remind you to drink? (Basically, this isn’t something I think Zwift will get around to even contemplating until around 2085, so you will probably want to find some alternate method to remind you.)


Perhaps it will take them some time, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. :wink: My Garmin 500 from 12 years ago will give me a drink alert, and I’ve been using a beep on my watch, but I need to be prompted consistently, in-game. I just don’t think this is a big ask. Thanks for your response, Nigel! :slight_smile:

I’m not programmer, so I can’t tell you whether it’s a big ask, or not, but I would guess that adding a new setting that would likely apply to a small minority of Zwifters would not make it to the top of the list quickly. Definitely no harm in asking, though!

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Must admit I thought that was why the avatar drank from it’s water bottle, not sure what the frequency really is though, plus it is a bit subtle for sure (and the Tron bike doesn’t do it)

It’s a year later. We’ve got ghost riders, and whatnot, but no water alerts. Bump.

IMO, this isn’t something you’re likely to ever see from Zwift. It’s an added complication to the software, and most people who need this kind of thing are already doing it with a bike computer, starting with their outdoor rides.

The Garmin Edge series even has “smart” alerts based on things like temperature, speed, duration, and HR data: Edge 530 - Setting Smart Eat and Drink Alerts

I would strongly suggest going that route if you need this. You could also try the app “Eat My Ride.” (no firsthand experience but I’ve heard others rave about it)