Avatar showing notifications+Drink or Eat

I would like my avatar to show notifications during my rides.
For instance: You need to take a sip of your drink now, or eat something. This feature should have an on/off option. In the same way you see messages from ride leaders or the ones shown during a training or race program.

drink every 10 minutes
or eat (Gel or Bar or put text in it yourself

This would be very good, I’m awful for forgetting to drink, I have similar smart alerts from my Edge 830 - no idea how it calculates, but I presume it must be based on my weight, power output and timing etc So having this builtin to Zwift would be really good too

Avatars already take a drink. Perhaps use this as a reminder to do the same.


Only on the bikes that have bottles…most of them are on 2 stars for aero.