Raised arm

Just a little thought, could we have a button in the app to raise your arm and request water? Pressing the button would animate your rider but also issue an email to a nominated contact to let them know you need some water. I know my wife would love that!! Lol

I take it that it was your wife who -1 your request :slight_smile:

Maybe! Ha!!

Hehe…I have learned that it’s necessary to drink 3x the amount of water in do on the road while racing on zwift…Ito hard to force yourself to drink this much when you are in the pain tunnel, but you have to. I drink at least 2 liters per hour, sometimes more

There is already an in game motion for drinking water.  Some people have suggested it could be done on a timed basis as a reminder.

I thought this was going to be a victory solute thing, which I think would be cool.  Zwift needs a hands in the air victory if you get a PR or KOM on a section.

I am quite sure there is a professional calculation that can be used to remind you to have a drink. Wattage x kilometres x time or watt ever it is. This could be a positive health contribution as I also don’t drink as much as I think I should.

The idea with the water delivery however, works perfect for me, I have a little bell and the wife knows the routine!!

On long distance attempts the bell signal has a difference which is for snacks (honey on toast). Works a treat.

Simply download Wife 1.o and install into Life. (further upgrades are available but try not to install any version of Girlfriend on the same platform).

I have wife 2.1 , but I get a null exception when I call the water function. 

I’m gonna try a reboot, but I think a full reinstall may be necessary.


Matt von Wahlde,

… before rebooting and causing a possible crash of your system, try the Praline 1.5 add-on, it comes with free Flowers’n’dinner update and should get your issues fixed!!