Drag coefficient live bar graph display on screen

Anyone thought that a live Red/Yellow/Green bar graph for your drag coefficient being used in the calculation for your speed be shown under say the gradient number ? Just a thin line really that slides up and down with three colours. When you only have red on the line you have the worst coefficient, when you have red, yellow and something into the green you have the best.

Obviously as you move to the front of the pack it goes only red and 2nd row is like all of the red and some yellow and you can try and stay in red and yellow and some green in the 3rd and 4th row. Minimum drag the whole bar graph is lit.

Would also give you an instant warning if you should start to drop off the back of the pack and out of the draft envelope.

Just an idea, obviously experience counts for everything and probably purists will object, after all 3rd or 4th row on groups of like 40 riders obviously keeps you in the green.

If you’re using PC, you can show your draft using the Sauce plugin. 3rd parties to the rescue.

Or use a small percentage green bar like Indievelo

Already using one 3rd party app/script to automatically change my camera angles from 1 to 9 every 15 seconds, this should already be built into Zwift as well. Get to the point you need to have to start up too many separate “Add On’s” before you get on the bike. Additional feature requests like this and others need adding and there is just an on/off in the settings if you want to use it or not.

Personally I would like to be able to move most of the clutter from my big screen to my Tablet that is running the Companion App so leaving the big screen just for the actual action on the road.

Thinking about it, Zwift could go to “Full Screen graphics” option and move everything else like gradient, heartrate etc to the Tablet thats sitting right in front of you on the bike. Currently there is not really a big incentive to use the Companion App, you can see during a ride most people are not using it because it doesn’t add enough functionality.

So its already done in different riding software ? Seems like a bit of a no brainer if its already been done, it needs to be in Zwift as well.

Probably not another number needed on the screen just a bar graph that your brain can quickly process as to just what “Zone” you are in.

Yup, I am not going to promote that other game, but search it, you will see its a small bar graph for draft that Zwift could implement, not a 3rd party add-on