(David Leibowitz) #1

When drafting, are your watts reduced in relation to your relative speed?

(D. G.H. Road Rash) #2

Drafting works like real drafting. If you are in the sweet spot, the wattage required to maintain the same speed is reduced by around 20% at typical riding speeds. If there are more then one in a draft-line, the gains are even greater. At higher speeds, the benefits are exponential.

(malcolm may (WCC) C) #3

I am a heavier rider 100kgs

I feel that I get pooched on the draft option. I get on the front of the group and we are pushing 2.5 w pkg, or 250 watts for me. When I drop back in the group and someone else goes forward, my watts drop precipitously but not the effort I have to maintain it. I am at about 130 ~ but it feels more like 200+. I realize that lighter people going ahead will drop speed at 2.5 wpkg, but it doesn’t feel like that for me. 

I am using a wahoo kickr, which is calibrated every second ride. .