Draft pocket

We have all been in the draft and felt the benefits of the draft, but don’t know exactly how many watts we are saving (usually between 30-50 watts depending on speed), but my avatar seems to be pedaling slower while in the draft when I am just about to pass the person I am drafting off.

Has anyone else seen this?

See https://zwiftinsider.com/draft-savings/ for some actual numbers.

That’s strange - the cadence of the avatar (assuming that’s what you refer to) is set by your cadence. Only you can drop that.

I assume you mean it takes a surprising amount of power to overtake - that’s due to both the draft itself (you need to power up to the level required to maintain that speed without draft), and a “stickiness” that Zwift adds in the draft model to make packs hold together better - this is particularly apparent when a small group overtakes a slower rider: some of the riders in the group may get stuck with the slower rider.