Draft in Group Rides

Just changed my trainer from a Elite Direto to a Wahoo KICKr.

Expected some differences although I always recalibrated my Direto on a weekly basis, the KICKr automatically recalibrates as you are using it…

In solo riding just a bit slower but when riding in Groups I feel there is no Draft and I soon get dropped, I always managed to stay with Cadence C pacing group normally for 100k or more. Even in D Group rides I get dropped on the fast bits, no problems going up hills. I find I am outputting between 3 and 4,2 WPK while the riders around me are riding at 1.6. In one Group Ride where I was 5 minutes off the back I was Disqualified because my Power was too high. What I also do not understand is when I look at the results on Zwift Power I am placed ahead of riders who dropped me for 5 minutes or more.

I would like to be able to keep up with my usual riding companions and friends but right now this is impossible. Not sure where the problem lies, I have tried connecting my Trainer by Ant and Bluetooth but it behaves the same in both. Disabled my Wahoo Fitness App too just in case that was causing problems.

Any ideas?

TT-bike ? (No draft)

Not that easy, a hard earned Tron Bike. Thanks for your interest.

The trainer has zero effect on draft.

I assume the new trainer requires more effort to get the same power as the old trainer.

The fact that you have to do more w/kg is also not related to the trainer. Did you check your weight setting. What was the power of the other riders in relation to yours. Was it flat or uphill.

We punked a friend who had left his account open and increased his weight by 300 lbs and he had a similar experience but the w/kg was very low.


Could it be a reversed gradient issue some have been experiencing with their Wahoo KICKR?

Weight setting not changed, still at 68k. Problem is on the flat, I gain on the group on inclines, sometimes get on the back. On the flat other riders were around 1.6 wkg, I was trying hard between 3 and 4.2 wkg.
When riding solo there is not a lot of difference between the trainers, Wahoo is just a little slower. Problem is when in Groups, especially large ones although sitting on the wheel of a sweeper is impossible too, Used more sweepers in the last few days than in the the last 18 months of riding on Zwift.

Happy Christmas

open up garage, swap bike to something else, swap back to tron, see if that fixes

Thanks Ben, Same name as one of my Grandsons. Will try that in the morning.

Looking at your power graph it looks like you are having a lot of dropouts.

This is your graph

Thanks. I did think that and have set my Trainer sessions up with ANT and Bluetooth connections and the result when riding has been the same. I will check the Power Graphs for each session.


Just checked my graphs and with KICKr I am at 0 power for around 10% of time. On Direto it was about 1%. My first thoughts are that my Computer Connections are good based on my Direto experience so could the KICKr be causing the problem. I am riding in the morning, I will see how I get on. think I will set up with Bluetooth connections.

what device are you connecting to?

if PC - you ideally need to get a USB dongle extension cable + a bluetooth or ANT adapter so you can place the adapter right next to your trainer. then you won’t get any more dropouts (hopefully).

using a USB to USB cable extension lead and placing the ANT+ stick right next to my trainer solved all dropouts for me. I also changed the USB slot I used from a 2.0 (the standard usb slot) to a 3.0 (blue tab on the inside of the port), though most people say that isn’t necessary. If your laptop or PC has one though it’s worth trying.

Thanks Ben, after this morning,s effort I am sure it is power (drop out) related. My Power was all over the place even though by feel I was pedaling at the same intensity, in the first hour I never free wheeled at all. It is the to catch ups after a power drop that are causing me problems, I am not up to continual sprints.

I am away from home right now, have some USB extension leads there, will have to buy one in the morning.

Thanks SA, I will heed your advice. Best wishes for the New Year.

I also resolved flakey Ant+ signal by switching to a different USB port and I setting my laptop on a cheap cooling pad.

Many thanks to all for your responses and ideas.

It was a much different problem that I thought, nothing to do with the failure of Drafting when riding in a group.

The loss of the ANT connection was a major factor but also the feature on my Pacemaker to increase my Heart Rate according to my exertion levels decided to stop after around 60 minutes. This has been confirmed by the Hospital from the daily data downloads and both they and the Pacemaker manufacturers are investigating the cause.

I have found out the hard way that it is not sensible for an 81 year old to attempt to keep up with the youngsters when his maximum heart rate peaks at 90 bpm!!

A Happy New Year to all and keep enjoying getting the miles in.