WaHoo Kickr help

I have been using the Elite Qubo b smart trainer for 2 years now and have went from group C to A. On Sunday I bought the WaHoo kickr, set it up, did the spindown and had a little blast on Zwift. Straight away I noticed how much tougher it was than my Qubo. I thought this might be because it’s a direct drive and more realistic to what cycling on the road is. Last night I entered my usual XRS race at 6.30, fit dropped after 5 mins lol. Going to drop back down C group. My question is about the draft effect. When I stopped pedaling I was very quickly shot out the back, big edit to get back in. When I stopped pedaling altogether my avatar stops quite quickly. I do not feel I am getting any benefit from the draft. On my Qubo I can pedal stop, pedal stop and still be in the group, with the kickr I felt I was having to constantly pedal to be in the group. Is this normal.