(Craig Bowles) #1

Really enjoying the overall experience but struggling to draft any other riders or AIs. Even tickling the pedals to try and slot into a group of AIs as they pass or very carefully accerating to latch onto other doesn’t seem to get me in the right place. I either overshoot them or a the gap opens (as I’m told to ‘Close the gap’).
Any tips or advice ?

(Mike McCarthy) #2

Hey Craig, I consider myself an A+ wheelsucker and definitely had a tough time being able to sit on a wheel in the game, especially with the AI’s.

My .02 is to look at drafting as a window. In other words, stay within 3 meters behind and even with the rider in front. It’s definitely different than the road but pretty doable if you don’t try to sit right on the wheel. Also keep in mind that it’s way better than it was a month ago so keep trying!

(Craig Bowles) #3

Thanks Mike, still work to do to hold the wheel longer but getting better. Some of the other views help to judge distance and intensity better…

(" Mota "Navarro (B)) #4

The bonk! sound and the “close the gap” indicator is too intrusive

I would love only one indicator that shows me when I am drafting and when I am out of the draft , no need for the huge “close the gap”

I like to know if I am on a draft because the effect can be very easily confused with a change in slope. 

Imagine something like this.

I have changed also the front center panel for more relevant things

this would be your new front top panel