Drafting meter...distance from other riders

I’ve noticed that when I come up behind another rider, I no longer get the “distance meter”…the one that shows your closure rate and how far they’re in front of you.  Is there a setting somewhere that I accidentally switched off or does this go away once your draft someone for an extended period?

Thanks for any insight…

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Maybe you’re riding on the TT bike. This bike hasn’t the drafting effect.

Don’t know what a TT bike is.  I was getting the graphic when I first started using Zwift…don’t get it anymore.

You must be using a Triathlon/Time Trial bike. When you use that type of bike you will not get the draft meter or any power ups but the +10.

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Oh!  TT…now I get it.  No sir…just a regular ol’ run-of-the-mill bike (very old Miyata Ninety) hooked up to a Kinetic Rock and Roll trainer.  Like I’ve been saying…I remember getting the “closure” graphic before at the top of the screen when getting close to a rider, but now the program doesn’t do it anymore.  It’s no big deal…my graphics are good enough that I can certainly tell how close I am to someone.

And I see you made a comment about +10.  I see +10XP and +30XP when I’m riding…to what does that indicate??

Thanks again for the responses!!!

In game what type of bike are you using?

If you are using a TT bike within Zwift you will not see the draft meter. It does not matter what bike you are using on your turbo, it just matters what bike you are using within Zwift.

I am guessing by the fact that you see +10 and +30 you are using a TT bike within Zwift. The +10 is for every time you pass through an arch within Zwiift and the +30 is every mile passed.

Here is a useful Zwift manual: http://www.titaniumgeek.com/cycling/zwift-user-manual-unofficial-running-updates


 Ahhhh…I’m pickin’ up what you’re layin’ down, now.  DUH!!  If I’m gonna be this stupid this early, I wish I could blame it on alcohol!!! :-)  Yeah…I was using the Zwift TT bike in my profile.  I have now switched it to the Specialized Allez along with the 50mm Carbon wheels.

Thanks Paul!!

This really helped me - I’d picked the TT bike by mistake and wondered why I wasn’t getting any drafting benefit!