Drafter and booster glitch

hello friends

a quick question im hoping you guys can answer for me

When im within drafting distance of a rider ,the sound effect happens but no visual  ie close gap 2 metres etc,also when I achieve a booster the sound of the programne going through the menu works but again no picture and no booster …the circle remains blank… any idea whats up

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance

Bill Murphy

I bet you were riding the TT bike.

Time trial bikes do not get Zwift draft effects or powerups (you do get extra XP points instead when you go through each banner). I noticed you still get the drafting sound effect too, not sure why that is.

Thanks Klem, bang on, i was indeed on a tt bike. Had a feeling that might be the case, i got onto zwift and they verified it, they also let me know my laptop was sub standard even for the basic requirments , but it will do for now.
Yep the sound effect is just there to wind me up ithink :wink:
Cheers Klem