Several items not working

There are several items in the game that are not working properly. First, the sounds associated with riding is not working. I can hear spectator chatter and things like waterfalls and lava, but I can’t hear the wind, road sounds (when on wood slats for instance), the sounds of other bikes passing, etc. I’ve read this is a bug in the system that Zwift is working to include in the next update. What is the status of this being fixed.

Next, I noticed this weekend that the drafting visuals are no longer working. I used to get a visual notification of where I needed to be to draft on the person in front of me. That is gone.

Last, when I complete a KOM or other type of “finish line” segment, I used to get a “spin” of all of the basic powerups. This weekend I’ve only been getting the small points bonus, with no other powerup options.

All of these things are minor issues, but they are things that I have come to like about the game. It’s what makes my 2-3 hour workouts more bearable. The fact that we continue to lose more and more functions as time goes along is concerning. 

Please advise when all of these issues will be fixed. Thanks.

Sounds like you were using the Zwift TT bike during your ride. The Zwift TT bike only gets the small bonus when going through arch ways, no other power ups are available. The Zwift TT bike also gets no drafting benefit so you will not see that indicator when using it.

As far as the road sounds, Zwift suggest trying to uninstall and reinstall the app to see if that resolves the issue until the new update is released.

Yes, I was using the TT bike but wasn’t aware of those limitations on it. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve read several comments about people trying the reinstall of the app with no success. I haven’t of that working for anyone, but then again, if it works for someone, they probably won’t come back to the forum. Guess I’ll try and it and see what happens. Thanks for your help.

Hi Todd,

As Paul mentioned, the TT bike is the most likely culprit for the issues you described. The Drafting article and the PowerUps article both explain some the limitations with the TT bikes. 

As for the bike sounds problem, that’s a known bug and was fixed in the last update.

If you still have no bike sounds, please submit a support ticket and one of our Zwift support team members will be happy to help you troubleshoot this issue further.