DQ appeals: Can't find an unlocked thread

Apologies for dumping this on the front page, but after an hour of reading I can’t seem to find a thread on this that hasn’t been archived. Anyways…

I’ve been racing the Time Trial Tueaday: Tempus Fugit for the past few weeks with steady improvements, and was excited to hit it this week with the addition of the P5 to my garage over the standard zwift TT frame. I was thrilled to see that I had made my first ITT podium in 2nd place, and then immediately disapointed to see that zwiftpower had screened out my result.

The flag given was HR, but based on the event description only the winner needed to be wearing a heartrate monitor. (“Catagory winners” but this event only has one catagory). The race seemed to be worth a sizeable number of ranking points, and I would very much like that result to stand. How would I got about appealing this?

This link: Rider Reporting and Ban Appeal Update