Double notifications on iPhone

for some time now I’m experiencing double notifications on my iPhone when a favorite rider logs on. For awhile I was not getting any notifications.


anyone else experiencing this? A bit annoying. 

Do you get these alerts at the same time or a little bit apart?

There’s two situations where this could be happening by design:

  1. If the alerts are slightly delayed, it could be that your favorite started riding, then started an event after that - there’s a notification for each of those.
  2. If your favorite starts the game, quits, and restarts, this could also fire two notifications, one for each time.

If this only happens for one favorite, it’s likely one of the above reasons. If it’s for all of them, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app to eliminate the possibility it’s a corrupted file issue.

Thank you! When I wasn’t getting any notifications I uninstalled/reinstalled and then was getting double notifications. It was on every favorite and back to back so I know it wasn’t from riders starting again.

Uninstall/ reinstall again and now back to normal.

I appreciate the response.