Companion app: multiple "started riding" notifications on iOS

Previously I’ve had the option switched on so that I get a notification when Favourite riders start riding on Zwift.

However I’ve now switched this off because sometimes I get 2 or 3 notifications in succession. What is not clear is whether this is a bug, or whether the user in question restarted their Zwift session several times (perhaps in the process of trying to get Bluetooth peripherals to cooperate?!).

Does anyone else see this?

This happens to me, too. Did you find a fix?

You may see see multiple notifications as people warm up then start a race or ride, you will get a notification for both.

I would expect those to be 10 to 30 minutes apart, which does happen. The notifications I’m getting are seconds apart.

When one of your favorites starts Zwift, you will get a notification. If they are just free-riding you should not see another notification. But if they then join an even after starting Zwift (Join Event button) that is, effectively, a new ride and you will get another message. I find it annoying, also, but that seems to be how it works. Perhaps there should be only one notification per session, as opposed to one per event.

I get it now. Thank you. One per session would be nice.

Unrelated question for you Nigel/Jeffrey… Why don’t you just make 10 louder?

@J_Kearns: Because 11 is one louder, isn’t it? :rofl:

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was this already solved? I still get multiple notifications per session. Obviously because the rider joins an event or so… but it is the same session…