Double Charging`

Hi All,

For June and July Zwift have taken double payments from me. The payments are couple of seconds apart, so it’s looking like a systems problem. I contacted them as soon as it happened and in June they responded to me, and after abut 1 week I got my money back from them…

This month when it happened I contacted them again and I got a quick initial response saying that they can’t see the double payment. I sent them screen shots from my paypal account and have heard nothing from them since. I’ve actually had to cancel my subscription and go to paypal to put the payment into dispute.

Anyone else having problems with Zwift taking 2 payments each month?


Hi Christian,

Same problem, I contacted then and had no answer.
I used to pay by itunes… and there was a couple of months who they charged from itunes and my credit card.
I changed the payment method and I still have duplicate payments :frowning: