Double Bug - Not placed in start pen but 200m up the road and wrong way TOW

Came a cross a bug yesterday, this I guess isn’t something that will be experienced by many in the way it developed.

I wanted to do a TOW ride during my workout, so unsure if I’d make the 5pm start or 5:15pm start I entered both events.

I entered the Zwift world around 5:07pm.

Zwift then asked me to join the first event, really wanting to start the next one in the pen I found no option, so I joined the first event and it placed me some 5km into the ride. Then the event option popped up asking if I wanted to join the 5:15pm ride. So I accepted this option.

It then proceeded in removing me from the first event and I expected to be placed in the pen for the second event. No I was place some 200m up the road from the pen, but had the chat and count down box.

When the event started I started pedalling and was obviously in first place for a minute, expectantly waiting to be passed by the hard starters. Then the time splits increased,.viewing the map I realised I was going the wrong way! Double Bug?

I ended up quitting the event, back to the main screen, selected the 5:15pm ride and rejoined some 3km in to the event.

Maybe the moral is don’t join two events that have start times so close together and jump around?

I saw a similar bug in the start pen of a race lately. Some riders were placed the wrong way and had to take a U-turn right after the start. I guess Zwift doesn’t think the starts are fast enough and give some an extra challenge.