Domyos Bike 500

How to get Domyos Bike 500 connected to Zwift?

As far as I can tell you can’t. It’s a hometrainer without options to connect to Zwift

Maybe if you get some power pedals, like Assioma or Garmin.

That would be a enormous waste of money If you ask me :sunglasses:

Buy a smart trainer with a second hand roadbike would be a better option.

Perhaps, but if all depends on the situation. If he already had the spin bike, adding pedals would be significantly less costly than what you’re proposing, plus give him a power option to transfer to an actual bike for IRL rides. If the spin bike is just an option at this point, though, the equation changes.

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If it were a spinning bike I would consider it, but it’s just a ordinary (no offense) hometrainer with imo a very high price tag.

I am using qDomyos-zwift : it allows me to convert Domyos Bluetooth into Zwift compatible Bluetooth for Domyos runners and bikes…