Getting started - Zwift setup

Hi all,

Firstly, apologies if this is covered elsewhere but I got the impression that the Zwift Hub isn’t so much a ‘plug-in-and-play’ device - some adjustments might need to be made dependent on the bike you use.

I’m considering getting the Zwift Hub and then a cheap road bike from Halfords - specifically the Carrera Zelos (I’m guessing the 7-speed chain might be problematic!).

My intention is just to use the bike as an indoor bike with the Zwift Hub and to get the setup for as cheap as possible. Is there anything I should be looking out for in bikes to know whether they’re compatible or not? I was considering looking for a second-hand road bike too.

Thanks and apologies for the ignorance!


The Zelos should work with the Hub. I doubt the chain will be a problem but you can put an 8 speed chain on the bike if it is. If it’s a Zwift Hub One there is a chance a wider chain will rub on the plastic bits. You can always remove the cog from the trainer and install the 7 speed cassette from the rear wheel on it. An extra spacer will be necessary to make the 7 speed cassette fit on it.

Almost any bike with a Shimano drivetrain and 8-12 speed cassette will work. 7 speed bikes from the 1980s will often have axle spacing too narrow to fit on the trainer, but newer ones are often fine, and anything 8 speed or more should be fine.