Does zwift work on Android 12?

Hi everyone, I’m Lucas Cobb. I have a question still unanswered, can anyone help me? Don’t know if zwift works on Android 12 phones or not. Because before, I tried to install the mod apk but it didn’t work. So don’t know if I install zwift on my phone it will work or not. Who knows help me. Thank You!

It’s in the play store and it will work.

It should work but there are a few niggles with certain phones, particularly the Samsung Folds. There’s also an issue with lack of ANT+ support.

What phone are you using and how are you going to connect to your trainer?

Thank you. I am currently using android 12 phone. But I don’t know why I can’t access anything. I tried accessing websites (like techloky website,…) and especially zwift but it didn’t work. How can I install zwift? Can you just help me.Thank You!

Any reason why you can’t grab it from the Google App store? You shouldn’t need to install as an apk.

Is it a custom ROM you are using on an older phone?

What model phone is it?

I tried a custom ROM to get round the recent deprication stopping ZCA working. Phone worked great and allowed ZCA to install but just hung at the blue screen.

It works on my Samsung S20 FE with Android 12 without problems.

There’s a curated list of supported devices on the Zwift forum but the general rule of thumb is: if you can see and download the app on the Play Store then you should be good to run it. As ever, how well it’ll run will depend on how powerful your smartphone or tablet is

Android manifest file is messed up in May’23 release, if you have problems installing zwift on your android 12 device use Aurora Store open source gplay frontend, set your phone to some Samsung for example, restart and install Zwift

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You are the only one reporting the problem you have.
Or have I missed others reporting this “bug”?
How can you say it’s a general.problem?

And this thread is over a year old…