Does Sterzo Smart disable "Close the Gap"?

I got the sterzo smart a couple of days ago, I am NOT using a TT bike, but on normal Watopia routes I no longer get the “close the gap” notification and distance to next rider etc, I can see the logic to this but have not read it anywhere. The logic is that with steering you can “close the gap” but not be in a slipstream because you could be just 1 metre behind but on opposite sides of your side of the road and therefore not drafting.

If this is by design , do you still getting the drafting power reduction benefits from drafting when you are directly behind another rider ? I think this still happens but would appreciate confirmation

Many thanks

I cannot say for sure but I believe your statements to be true based on my experiences using the sterzo smart.
I choose to NOT ride the Tron bike when I free ride with sterzo because I use the rider position to tell when I am in the draft.
From my perspective the draft is in effect with steering.
So, no facts but additional data points anecdotal as they be.

thank you @Jimmie_Will_Richey_I , bizarrely the 'close the gap" seems to be back for me. I too was using rider position (hands on tops/hoods) to know when i am in the draft, but on my second ride today, the “close the gap” was working properly as well, and i could see my watts drop when “OK” appeared.

Perhaps a future firmware update will reduce trainer resistance when in the draft so that there is more realism, on he road when you are on someone’s wheel it obviously feels easier.

however, thanks for the reply and hopefully it was just a zwift blip …

@Michael_Darley Great. I like the prompt.
Personally, I love the steering. It makes the game even more engaging.
I sometimes “watch” a rider behind me and use a camera angle so I can see my rider swooping from one side of the road to the other. It is fun.
Ride on.