Does internet speed or ping effect FPS

I seem to have very low frame rates around 10 FPS most of the time. When I’m lucky I get a max of 30-40 FPS for a few seconds.


I am only running Zwift at 576p, so my laptop should be powerful enough to run Zwift smoothly (GTX 950, i7-5700HQ)


Would the internet speed or ping be the problem? I do have quite a high ping 240ms

Hi Allan,

That could be it. Here’s a way to test: log in to Zwift and then turn off your internet connection (WiFi, what have you). All the other riders will disappear but you should still be in game (but nothing will save properly).

Ride around a little bit and see if the frame-rates are still choppy. If so? Then perhaps there’s a driver issue or your laptop is using the built-in graphics chip rather than the GTX 950M.