Do you ride standing up at beginning of race?

(Man With A Plan) #1

This is a question for riders (usually A/B riders) that pedal hard at the beginning of a race for a huge lead:

During the start of the race, do you guys ride standing up or seated?

(Nigel Doyle) #2

Standing up. Lots of resistance. Essentially a slow cadence sprint or climbing a steep gradient.

(Danny Boyd) #3

if you want sprint from the start - you stand up. nigel will be at the back :wink:

(Lin Alan) #4

I’m sure it varies from person to person, but I am almost always sitting. I usually make sure I am warmed up which includes at least a few 30s sprints. When the race starts, I expect to do a 1-3min VO2 effort seated at 90-100rpm.

Bottom line, warm up and figure out what works for you!