Rolling race starts

Dear Zwift,

Could we PLEASE have some different options for race starts.

Currently, Zwift races are all the same. Everybody sprints like mad from the off, the race strings out and new riders not used to sprinting before they are even moving, are all immediately dropped. Most people do a long warm-up just to be ready for these annoying starts.

So. How about some of the races start rolling, exactly how Zwift already feeds people into pace partners. Let everyone roll along for say 1min, with on screen instructions to begin pedaling with a ten second count down.

This would give new riders a better chance of staying with a group, and go a long way to making Zwift racing more varied and enjoyable.

Additionally, you could also offer a pace car/bike/vehicle for the 1st 2km-5km of some races to properly neutralize the start. Have the vehicle roll at a sensible speed, with nobody able to overtake. Call it a five minute warm-up into a rolling start. Essentially, a Zwift race without needing a complex warm-up.