Do you only trust ZP results, even in Cat A?

When I was a Cat B rider I was quite happy using my result in ZP as ‘official’, so if I was second over the line but first in ZP I’d happily feel like I’d ‘won’, as who knows if the other guy was legit. This week however I was second across the line in a Cat A race, but first in ZP. I can’t bring myself to feel the same, yes I guess he could have weight doped but with sandbagging out of the equation I feel like my ZP position is less important. How do other Cat As feel about ZP vs Zwift placings?

(There is one other thing that does make me feel better about accepting the ZP win though, he didn’t appear in the ‘you rode with’ list in Strava either. What legit Cat A winning level rider doesn’t record their data to ZP or Strava! I mean, did it even happen??)