Is Zwift reaching a tipping point?

I’m curious to hear from others if they too feel they are over Zwift events being loaded with Cat and Weight cheats? I know this isn’t a new topic, but a great deal of the riders I am talking to are murmuring the same sentiment. Races are just simply a farce if you want to seriously push yourself within the assigned category. Now Zwift has prospered greatly from COVID, but the serious riders are now bored from only a few regions to choose from and the C and D riders are really B’s and C’s respectively. My guess is these categories are the majority and also form the lions share of Zwifts income. There seems to be hesitation from Zwift to do much about this problem. So my question I would like feedback on is do you feel that the serious riders are now at a tipping point given many more options are coming online?

They are changing what categories people can select based on their ride data. This thread has the details on how to join the tests to see if the categories feel better after their new categorization algos:

Category Enforcement Test Events - 21-28 Feb 2022 - FutureWorks - Zwift Forums

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Genuinely no, not as a serious rider anyway. I’m in Cat A and getting podiums. I know I’m not cheating and I know there are plenty of better cyclists than me in the real world. The number of people still better than me feels about right and when I look up the people better than me they have IRL achievements that back it up.

In Cats B/C I couldn’t say, but you said “serious riders”, so I assume you mean very good riders. Even if some Bs aren’t quite Bs they aren’t cheating enough to beat me and fellow decent As. I did a Crit race last night with all Cats on the same course, starting at the same time, and the A bunch beat all the Bs. They hung with us until it got tasty with 2 minutes to go but when the pre-sprint efforts started they went out the back.

Check out the very active thread under Future Works and the 3000 + comment thread under racing.
There is a lot going on.
The first major change to racing starts Monday.