Yesterday I entered a race for what I thought were Cat D cyclists… or so I thought. Only after the race did I find out that… those same cyclists are (in the vast majority) Cat C upwards (according to Zwift power). Am I missing something? Have a good day…

Try Crit City Races oz FutureWorks Anti-Sandbagging ( those were sandbaggers)

You are missing the hundreds and hundreds of other forum posts about this very subject . Its one of a number of issues with a huge stack of complaints and requests being made to Zwift to address this issue .

At the moment they have not acknowledged the problem so its hard to known when / how they intend to address it .

As pointed out they have a futureworks project to try and address something “close” to what you are asking about . But it is flawed , over complex , and most importantly is not what customers are asking for ( including you ) and does not tackle the issue to prevent riders entering incorrect category.

Instead of a simple admission policy , it tries to do this using AI to do that after they have entered ) and unlikely to deliver , and even if it did would be only partially effective. This has proved to be the case after making no progress for a very long time.


But this was a race organised by a well known/established cycling community organisation… I read published articles on a regular basis…

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Unfortunately @Chris_Dethick_LB_Tri Zwift do not want to currently offer the features to those cycling organisations to manage there events as effectively as they might otherwise want . (I dont know who you are referring too ) .

Zwift currently have no roadmap or appear to support good created content and are looking to maintain tight controls around the product that means change is slow and creative content by event organisers limited

I enjoy every chance I get to enter a race. I was under the impression that Zwiftpower normally sieves out the inconsistences but on this one occasion it appeared almost all participants were Cat C and above with FTP’s I can only dream of at the moment…:roll_eyes:

In the interests of transparency and giving the opportunity for open dialogue “Cycling weekly”. I’ve only been Zwifting for a short time - so I apologise in advance if I have misunderstood the rules of engagement

This was the CW Club 10 TT with just two groups D and E. I think you mistook the D to mean Cat D category.
In Zwift not all the events use the letters to represent categories, they could be representating age, gender or distance. The definition is normally in the event description.


I appreciate the reply. As a newbie to Zwift, I really think nothing could be more misleading than referring to “C” and “D” other than to relate to Cat. Why would any organisation that has the interests of cycling at the heart of what they do (and… very well may I add) purport to categorise their races to “C” and “D”? Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the race, will continue to participate in it when the opportunity arises. Finally. if I may add… great articles…

Unfortunately, in zwift events the labels can only be letters A to E, even if the organizer is using them for something else.


Cheers everyone for this informative thread. I hope to ride faster in the future. Have a good weekend :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes that is the best approach while this issue works its way through and hopefully one day is seen as important and fixed . Enjoy the race and most importantly the intensity of workout . Just learn to ignore those you cant compete with , real or not , just enjoy racing with those who are next to you .

BTW I think others have already said this to you , but your subsequent information about race does suggest you have stumblled across the other less that clean user experience around categories , they are randomly re-purposed for many things and not just linked to the zwiftpower default categorisation . It would be super good if a better user experience is created around this that actually spelt out the categorisation in a better more intuitive way .

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I think every event I’ve seen that does something different describes it in detail in the event description - the only problem is when people join events from the ‘upcoming events’ in the Zwift app instead of on the website or the companion app - then they can’t see the description.
I think that interface is a big part of the problem.