Distance marker and max distance

Hi there,
i find it a bit annoying that I can only see distance markers if I do a workout with a distance target.

Newer members might find it confusing that they might see the option enabled but unless they have a distance target, they’ll not see these markers. So could these distance markers be enabled if the user just wants them present?

Also can the maximum distance be increased be increased from 30km? As zwift offers a marathon distance trophy IMHO it should offer up to 42.2km


Is this something specific to running? I don’t recall ever seeing a distance target in a cycling workout.

ah sorry did I create this in a cycling specific forum? :frowning_face:

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Fixed it. Now it is in running. :sunglasses:

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I wouldn’t say there is a cycling-specific forum, so much as that your original post just indicated ‘workouts’, not ‘running workouts’, so I was curious.

You can enable distance markers without having a distance target.

Simply click the radio button & it works irrespective of whether you set a time, distance, calorie etc… Target

Certainly does on Windows anyway.

And as a little workaround you can set the markers got up to 30 miles so set this to 26 miles and you’ve got the markers. Your distance travelled will stay in KM but your markers will be in miles. The 30 is a max irrespective of miles or km.