Pace Partner Default Too Far Distance

Please make the pace partners all have a default distance when you are to far in front or behind. Sometimes you can be 32 meters and not trigger the warning banner. Sometimes it is 6 meters and the banner triggers. Can we just get a flat distance like 30 meters that would trigger the too far away banner. Sometimes I want to try for a sprint banner and it really sucks when you have to be within 6 meters of the pacer. This often makes it reset your drops multiplier. Thanks for your consideration!

The distance you have is based on the size of the group. The more, the bigger the distance can be.

I did not know that, thanks for the info. I still would like to see a set distance, its way easier to know if your in that range if its just a set limit. I also find it annoying when you get past a certain distance that the banner completely goes away. This goes back to the resetting of the drops multiplier. I think with small tweaks it could really enhance the experience. Just my two cents.


I recall James said he had asked for this development work. There hasn’t been any word about whether it will happen or when.

I was constantly frustrated by these variable boundaries. When you accelerate and the PaceBot quickly falls behind, even coasting on the bike won’t help anymore. Once again, I had exceeded the maximum distance to the PaceBot.

But for the past few days, I’ve been using Zwift Play’s brake, and it’s now much easier to stay within the boundaries.