Display current drafting advantage in HUD

For some time, I’ve wished for a draft advantage display in the heads-up display (HUD). Especially riding in larger groups that stretch out, blob, where you find yourself at the edge, in the front, the middle, or the rear, such a display would give you a graphical or numerical indication. Right now, the only indication of drafting someone is whether your avatar’s posture is up or down, and it doesn’t work with the Zwift Concept bike.
Such a draft advantage display should also take into consideration any power-ups (aero helmet, truck), or special situations like the super-tuck when descending.
No advantage would be riding solo without any power-ups, etc. This can be displayed either as100% (all self-powered), or as 0% (no advantage).
All of that data is already available, because it governs the cycling dynamics every second.