Drafting indicator on HUD when riding in first person mode

(Patrick) #1

I like riding in first person mode as opposed to following my avatar, but in this mode you use the ability to see for sure that you are in the draft (rider sitting up in follow mode.) If would be nice if there was a symbol that could pop up on the HUD showing that you are, in fact, in the draft.


(Patrick) #2

I would like a more clear indication of draft status even when not in first-person mode.

(Kevin) #3

This would be a nice feature. On the TRON bike, your avatar does not sit up in draft mode (or stand for climbs only for sprints).

(Daren) #4

Would be nice to have an indication of the amount of draft effect you’ve got, too. From none to full draft.

(Tulipunane) #5

Are there different levels of draft possible? I thought it’s on/off thing.

(Daren) #6

It certainly shouldn’t be a binary on/off value.

Following someone at 5m should give less of an effect than following at 4m or 2m.

For example, see this from SwissSide:

Between 0.1m and 5m there’s a drag saving of 39.5% down to 20.3%.

Riding in the middle of the blob should give a greater effect than drafting a single rider too.

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(Tulipunane) #7

I meant in Zwift of course :D. not irl

(Daren) #8

Obviously, but they model the game physics on the real world. So there shouldn’t be a “you’re in” or “you’re out” draft model, it should be dependent on how close behind the rider(s) in front you are.

(Tulipunane) #9

Yes, that would be cool but I was talking about the current model. I have not found any info on it. How is it working right now?

(Daren) #10

Well, the drafting powerup “increases the draft effect you’re experiencing by 50% for 30 seconds”. So it can’t be an “on / off” thing.

(Roger) #11

maybe use a drafting icon that gets brighter or duller depending on the amount of draft you receive