Drafting indicator

I’d like to see an on-screen indicator of drafting effectiveness. Something that shows graphically where you are in the drafting zone, with maybe the addition of a ‘sweet spot’ indicator showing where the draft effect is greatest. 

The current solution that hides any drafting notice once you get in the draft is less than effective.

Because Zwift does not have identical feel to real world drafting, an indicator like this could help users understand and control drafting dynamics better.

Hi John,

Thank you very much for your suggestion I’m sure you’re not alone in this one, let me add you on the request list. 

Ride On! 

+1. The “close the gap” indicator is intrusive, but once you’ve closed the gap you’ve got no indication if you’re still in the draft or how effective it is, Plus you can come out the front and there’s no indication that you are no longer drafting.

This would make a massive positive difference to my Zwift experience!

Your avatar ‘sits up’ if you are drafting and then gets on the drops when you are not. At least that’s what I think happens.

Have a go at racing and see what happens in a big bunch. Most of the time you are sitting up.

The bonk! sound and the “close the gap” indicator is too intrusive

I would love only one indicator that shows me when I am drafting and when I am out of the draft , no need for the huge “close the gap”

I like to know if I am on a draft because the effect can be very easily confused with a change in slope. 

Imagine something like this.

I have changed also the front center panel for more relevant things

this would be your new front top panel




Please add a current draft strength indicator. A small simple segmented bar running along the bottom edge of the center miles/time data display would be sufficient. This is assuming draft strength is variable over a few levels depending on distance behind another rider. However if drafting is on or off a simple green or red dot would suffice.