Draft Indication / Alert

I think that on the main rider page (self view), zwift should display AT ALL TIMES when you are drafting properly. In that way we know that we are in the slipstream. Otherwise, aside from effort, it is impossible to know if you have lost the slipstream or not. It also would be good to know the quality of the drafting. Is there a better draft available now when you draft a big group or draft more closely?  THANKS.

Superb news that this is planned!  Thanks.  

We really need this … We all need to know if and even better what percentage of optimal drafting we are accomplishing when trying to draft.  Right now, I expect a lot of people who think they are drafting actually are not, let alone are not doing optimally …

This would be a good feature.

Honestly I don’t really understand if I am drafting or not.