Discrepancy in watt between zwift (ipad) and companion app

Why is there a difference in watt in zwift and companion ONLY in workout. In race or ride it is in sync.
So if i do a race or normal ride, i see the same wattage in companion and zwift on my ipad (if i set it to instant wattage)…
In a workout however, instant or 3 second wattage, there is a discrepancy between both apps?
Anybody else noticed this?

Am i really the only one?:thinking:

What do you mean by discrepancy here? Are they completely different? Are they similar but slightly off? Is one slightly lagged from the other?

I often notice a very slight difference between the CA and my PC screen but it is.near enough and I always put it down to it changing slightly from me looking from one to the other.

Well. If i do a ride or race, the wattage in zwift HUD and companion are identical! (If i put instant wattage in zwift app) really identical!
If i do a workout however there is a real difference. Well not huge and nothing which would make my workout being different if i use one wattage over another. But still, why is this difference in workout mode and no difference at all in ride/race?

I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference myself, but then I haven’t been looking for one.

During workouts, you’re using ERG mode, I imagine, whereas you’ll be in SIM mode for the other cases. Perhaps there’s some lag/smoothing involved in ERG that produces this visual discrepancy.
What kind of numbers are we talking? How large a difference?

Well i was wondering myself if ERG and SIM could be the „problem“.
Well the difference can go from 1-like 30 watt or more as it is changing every second. If i drive at a constant pace the difference is not big (1-10 watt) but if i change my pace the difference becomes big.

Don’t think I’ve ever noticed that but I’ve also not really been looking for it. Intend to just look at one or the other.