Companion App ahead of Zwift

Hi there,

This is not an issue, just something that has intrigued me for a while. I have noticed that my data shown in the Companion App is generally several seconds ahead of what is shown on the main Zwift app on my laptop … the distance ticks over earlier and the wattage shown will generally follow on the main screen several seconds later.

Is this a case of my phone just processing the data arriving more quickly as (presumably) the Companion App has less work to do, does it get the data piped into it first, before going into Zwift, or … something else?

As I say, just something that intrigues me that I would be interested in understanding.


It has been like this for ages, I’ve reported it but nothing seems to get done about it.

The workaround to have your power showing the same on screen as on the App is to change it to instant instead of 3 second average.

No fix for the distance though as far as I’m aware.