Disabling Post Activity RideOns in iOS Mobile Companion App doesn’t persist

I’ve gone into settings on my Companion App and disabled “Post Activity RideOn” notifications several times, yet I continue to get those notifications.

Is this a known issue?

@Justin_Wagner: Are you using Android or Apple? I have mine disabled and I am sure I don’t get “Post Activity RideOn” . I have not ridden with the new App so I will need to test this.

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@Gerrie_Delport, I’m using Apple (iOS is the Apple mobile operating system)

I’m positive I’m still getting the notifications, as you just sent me one!

I wonder if this is a iOS thing. Clearly I did not read the Post description :frowning:

@Wes, is there something specific we are supposed to do for these to be seen by the ZHQ support team? I posted 10 days ago and haven’t seen any response from ZHQ to this issue.

Hey @Justin_Wagner sorry for the lack of response.

I just checked our bug database and we do have this issue tracked as bug we are working to fix in an upcoming patch to Zwift Companion.