Disabling Automatic Updates in the Windows desktop application

Any time I install or start the Zwift launcher on my Windows 10 system, it automatically installs any pending updates. How can I temporarily disable the automatic update. I seem to recall having seen a checkbox or radio buttons to toggle that feature.


I assume unticking “Background Updating” would do that. I’ve never tried it though, so can’t be sure.

Yeah, that’s where I saw it! Thank you, Daren! Unfortunately, I’m presented with a conundrum. Although it appears that I could disable the auto update feature, I would be doing so after the horse has already bolted. I believe that control prevents the launcher from automatically installing any updates.There’s no way for me to prevent the installer from automatically applying the update.

I would caution to not delay any updates, with updates comes route changes and how the game work. If you have an older version you may not be able to participate in group events or have unexpected errors.

It would be a lot easier to turn your PC on when you get dressed and have the updates installed by the time you get on the bike. It take me longer to fill my water bottles and put on my shoes than to do the update.