Disable turns when taking screen shots (for pre-selected routes)

Once again, while taking photos/screenshots during a long ride, I inadvertently made a wrong turn on a pre-selected route. Why can’t this be disabled for pre-selected routes? There is obviously no intent to turn when you are moving the camera around to take pictures. This occurred during a long route to earn a badge and it turned into a waste of time after the wrong turn was made.

I also learned after the last time this happened that you cannot make a quick u-turn to get back on the correct route and earn the route badge. I finished the route and did not get credit.

Would it not be easier to just stop taking photos when there is a turn approaching?

I often select a route and change my mind on where I want to go during the ride.


Sometimes it’s hard to remember to do that when you’ve been riding for over an hour and are trying to mix things up to fight boredom.

It’s hard to remember not to take selfies of your avatar?

Have you considered music, tv, iPad etc?

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Regardless, what is the justification for forcing your avatar to make turns when a route was pre-selected and you’re just snapping photos? Seems like something that could be corrected. Poor user experience IMO. “Please don’t use other available features because it might ruin your experience” is not a well designed approach.

But you’re not forced to make turns, you’re given the option to make turns.

Taking that away because somebody wants to take selfies of their avi would DEFINITELY reduce user experience.


Rather than removing the option to turn, a better suggestion might be changing the effective keys, so they aren’t the same. The Arrow keys appear to be used for both moving the camera, and making turns. One of them, maybe, should be changed to WASD, or some other combination, so that keys aren’t serving dual purposes. Maybe it’s just me, but that seems like a better idea than disabling an entire feature.


This sounds like a great idea, Andrew.

To add to what @Andrew_of_Uptown said. It would be nice if we could have custom key maps.

If you think making a turn is bad while changing the camera, try leading a group ride and typing and having to remember to press m before typing every time, if you hit “A” with out the m you are in the paring screen and you get dropped from the group.

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If you think hitting A in a group ride is bad, try leading a group vEveresting with a single Road to Sky as kick-off and bring up the action bar with the Apple tv remote to U-turn after passing the KOM banner.

There you simultaneously get the end of event screen overlay, the wheel of fortune screen overlay and the modal dialog with the default selection [go back to some other world where you did nothing but select to start this event in the first place].

“Obviously”, trying to bring up the action bar at that point will kick you out.

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